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Monday, March 19, 2007

Sam Caster and Mannatech

Samuel L. Caster, Mannatech’s Chairman of the Board, CEO and co-founder, began his professional career as an entertainer and restaurateur. Prior to attending the University of North Texas, he was selected to tour with the internationally known Up with People musical group. The experience with this group prompted the formation of a band, periodic tours and the eventual founding of a small chain of restaurants.

Fascinated by renewable energy products, Sam became part of a direct sales business that achieved annual sales in excess of $50 million. When federal renewable energy credits expired in 1985, Sam used his experience with energy products to create a network marketing company that sold a NASA-developed technology called Radiant Barrier. This company, Eagle Shield, exceeded annual sales of $100 million by its third year.

In 1990, Sam was invited to consult with a company that had evolved out of cancer research. Sam recognized the potential of nutrition in the expanding health industry and set out on a quest to find new, proprietary technology in this field.

In 1994, his search was rewarded with the securing of a license to distribute Manapol® with its patented process that preserves the healing properties of Aloe Vera. This was the key technology that Sam used to open Mannatech. During its third year, Mannatech applied for worldwide patents on Ambrotose®, an exciting and revolutionary nutritional product focused on the discovery of glyconutrients. By the end of the company’s ninth year, total cumulative sales worldwide were in excess of one billion dollars with distribution expanding from the U.S. and Canada to the U.K., Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. The company has since expanded into Korea, Taiwan, Denmark, and Germany as well.

Sam has held various positions since co-founding Mannatech: President, Co-Chairman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Regardless of the position, Sam’s emphasis throughout his career has been in the area of sales and marketing. In this capacity, he created a new compensation plan and successfully managed the transition from a binary system to Mannatech’s global Compensation System.

Sam is also Founder and Chairman of MannaRelief, a 501(c) (3) charitable, not-for-profit organization that distributes the latest glyconutritional products to underprivileged children throughout the world.

Health and Hope to the Children of the World...The future of the world depends upon the children, yet the children’s future depends upon us. Tragically, ten million children under the age of six will die this year from preventable diseases.

Manna Hope Program

The Manna Hope Program provides support for health challenged children ages 18 and under.

Children with critical health needs receive an extensive supply of high-quality glyconutrients and other vital nutrients designed to support their quality of life.

The program sponsorship runs for a six-month period, which may then be renewed.

Manna Blessing Program

Children, especially orphans, are the greatest victims of war, famine and disease.

Through the Manna Blessing Program, MannaRelief assists to provide nutritional supplements to orphans on every continent.

Tragically, global issues such as AIDS and other crises are causing the numbers of orphans to rapidly increase.

Any individual, group, business, church, ministry or civic organization can sponsor an orphan or orphanage through the Manna Blessing program. Additionally, MannaRelief organizes trips to orphanages to visit the children and deliver these essential nutrients.

A Message from Sam and Linda Caster:

We are pleased to present MannaLife, extension of MannaRelief Ministries working with Family Foundations International. MannaLife is a result of our desire to see you come into fulfillment of your life purpose.

We have seen throughout the years so many people dealing predominantly with three life issues. We know that people are drawn to our company because they have identified needs in their health and/or finances. Beyond that, people’s lives are impacted by broken relationships.

We began to look for training around these core life issues and found a Christian ministry, Family Foundations International (FFI), that has tremendous training in these areas.

The more we got to know FFI and its leaders, Craig & Jan Hill, the more we wanted to share these foundational teachings with others through the ministry of MannaLife.

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