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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Neutralizing Negativity on the Internet

Why is Network Marketing singled out for special abuse?

Like insurance agents and Realtors, Network Marketers are independent contractors who get paid commissions for distributing products and services in the marketplace. In all three industries, the big money is made by recruiting others to join your network of distributors, thereby enabling you to earn bonuses, commissions, and overrides on others’ time and efforts. The bigger your network of active associates, the bigger your paychecks.

Heads of insurance agencies and owners of real estate brokerages are respected members of the business community. Everyone knows a Realtor or insurance agent. Yet both industries have sky-high drop out rates.

• 50% of new Realtors don’t renew their licenses after the first year.

• 85% of licensed insurance agents quit within 18 months.

Yet no one says insurance and real estate are scams. No one says you have to get in early to make money. No one says they’re illegal pyramids. Why? Because they’re accepted ways of doing business. Insurance and real estate are conventional businesses. Network Marketing, on the other hand, is an unconventional business. So people misjudge it and hold it to a different standard.

Mannatech’s executives say, the company is not limiting its activities to markets close to its Texas home. Mannatech now operates in 10 countries, with many more on the way as associates eagerly spread the news about glyconutrients to consumers. While other firms might dread the thought of dealing with a multitude of consumers with unfamiliar shopping habits, Mannatech has found that its existing business model — network marketing — works effectively in almost any culture.

What's New?

From Mannatech Inc. :

Tracking Shipments:

The ability to track your shipments from the order detail page, under “Manage my Orders,” will be linking directly to the shipping carrier for US, Korea and Japan. For Canada we will initially display the tracking number but you will be required to use that number to go to the shipping carrier’s website to track the actual package. In the near future we will add the ability to directly link to the carriers website from within your order detail page. In the near future we will also be adding this feature for Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan.


We added your renewal business period date directly on the top of the “My Organization” page under “Manage my Business”. We previously had problems with some of our associates’ renewal dates that were incorrectly displaying renewal status. This problem should no longer be occurring.

Account Numbers:

We have put in place additional web queues/processors to ensure you are receiving your account number information within minutes. Also, you now have the ability to utilise the new associate account number and register another associate under them or set up their automatic order. Remember when you are on your “Manage my Orders” page you must click on your refresh button at the top of your web browser so that the new account number will be displayed.*

*There may be certain times when you are not able to receive the new account number or order confirmations within minutes and it would be for one of two reasons:
First, when the registration order goes on address hold for verification, or
Second, to serve you better, we designed the new website to minimise the down time and significantly improve the availability of your website. If you remember, the old site would not allow access to your secure area of the website and Success Tracker when we were doing maintenance. We are now able to do maintenance work on the website, Global View and Success Tracker without having to shut down your ability to use your website so, virtually, ordering and Success Tracker is available 24/7. If you are not receiving it within minutes either of these two scenarios is occurring.

Other issues that we have fixed include:

  • Direct Debit in Canada ability to modify your Auto Order
  • More details regarding orders in exception under “My Mannatech” and “Manage my Orders”
  • Duplicate lines on Auto Order were incorrectly displaying
  • Logged In Sponsor/Enroller emails are being sent out again.


Another key focus for the next two weeks is around improvements to MannaPages with ability to browse products by product category and product detail pages to include Dr. Steve Nugent’s product videos. In addition, we are improving your ability to Manage Your Downline Automatic Orders. We will be adding several enhancements including a button so that you can “add” downline associate’s automatic orders provided you have their credit card details, the ability to sort the list by account number or name, and the ability to search the list.

Automatic Orders:

Also, as a reminder, you no longer have to cancel your automatic order to change your generation date. All you have to do is modify your automatic order under the “Manage my Orders” page, “Automatic Order” section. You have the ability to change your product s, shipping, billing and next generation date which can be moved out up to 3 BP’s. Remember, changes to your automatic order need to be made a minimum of 3 days prior to your next generation date.

We have heard reports regarding Associates receiving errors in ordering when they are using the browser “back” button. We encourage you to use the “previous” button when doing an order online.

Again, we regret any inconvenience caused to you and assure you that we are working diligently to remedy these situations as quickly as possible. As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding while we transition into our new computer system.

MANNAPAGE UPDATE – Landen Fredrick

There is a major effort under way to improve MannaPages based upon input from Associates and the survey results obtained from the field. Some initial key updates will be made to the shopping cart and product detail page including category pages and pricing. MannaPages will continue to be improved on an on-going basis.

Monday, May 21, 2007

From George

2007 is well underway… we are approaching the end of our first incentive qualifying period for the Global Incentive to China and we have seen great results! So many people have already qualified or are about to qualify for this trip of a lifetime and we can’t wait to see you there.

I would also like to congratulate Maureen Forrest on her amazing accomplishment of achieving Silver Presidential. Maureen’s journey is an incredibly inspiring one, and demonstrates the real opportunity that Mannatech offers. Mike Forrest, Maureen’s late husband left a legacy behind of which she has risen up to the challenge and continued to build the Mannatech business with enormous support from her close Mannatech Family. I wish Maureen all the best of luck for her future and encourage her to continue to draw on the strength of those closest to her to achieve great things.

2007 is all about the business building opportunity in Mannatech. Taking advantage of the here and now and utilizing Mannatech’s investment in road shows, product launches, aggressive PR campaigns and incentives to support you and your businesses move forward and become a huge success.

For the next few months we are encouraging you all to seize the moment. Over the past year we have set strong foundations for every serious business builder and we have optimistic views that everyone is capturing this momentum and committing themselves to their future goals and successes. It is the here-and-now that we all need to be taking an active part in because it is a combination of time and space that will never be repeated.

It is time to start living in the NOW – all of us are working hard towards a great future. So let’s make it happen together!

Best wishes

George Howden

Managing Director, Mannatech, Australia and New Zealand

From Sam

It was great to see so many new faces from Australia and New Zealand at MannaFest. Congratulations to all of you who earned that privilege. I'm sure you know why we put so much emphasis on these types of events. There is no better way for your new Associates to grasp the significance of the total Mannatech experience than attending a major event. By the way, each of you can encourage your group to begin making plans to attend this year's Australasian Convention in Sydney. The theme of the convention is, "Seize the Moment", which is so appropriate for where Mannatech sits today.

In the last couple of years we have solidified our core optimal health technologies and are working diligently to distinguish their superiority in the market while securing new technologies in the growing field of wellness. The latest example of one of these new technologies is the global roll out of our proprietary Optimal Skin Care System. The unique "Tensa" (meaning heavenly in Japanese) water provides the basis for a preservative-free, super hydrating skin care system that, once again, totally distinguishes Mannatech in the massive market.

Let me close with a special congratulations for Maureen Forrest for achieving Silver Presidential. Maureen has taken up the challenge to continue the building of her Mannatech business and her organisation has rallied behind her. Thanks Maureen for making the decision to continue impacting the lives of so many others.

God bless,

Sam Caster
Chairman and CEO Mannatech, Inc. USA

Seven Secrets for Stretching Success

1. Timing is important. No—it’s very important! Stretch slowly and deliberately. And do it somewhere quiet, where you won’t be interrupted or distracted. Also, indoor stretching is best done on a carpeted surface.

2. Stretching is not a fashion show. Special workout outfits are trendy, but you can stretch effectively in any loose, comfortable clothing. And take our low couture approach even deeper by removing belts and jewelry before you begin.

3. “Do I hear my body talking?” Every day your body is different. You may not be able to do today what you did yesterday, or you may be able to do even more. Don’t push your body too hard—do only what you can do comfortably. Your body will tell you when you’ve had enough. Listen and heed.

4. Variety is the spice of stretching, too. From time to time, change your stretching routine. You’ll stay more interested that way, and you’ll find you’re stretching different muscles if you vary the stretches and their order occasionally.

5. No waiting to exhale. Relaxing and breathing are integral factors in any effective stretch. Inhale as you start a stretch and exhale as you relax. And always do it slowly for maximum benefit.

6. Find some tight places to get into. Before you stretch, take a quick physical inventory and identify any muscles or body areas that may seem tight. Stretch those areas most often and always stretch them first.

7. Compare yourself… but only to yourself. You’re stretching for your own health benefits, no one else’s. Don’t compare what you do with anyone else’s stretching routine. Like all exercise and other physical activities, stretching should help relax you and not be a source of extra pressure.

“Wait! You’re not done yet!” Besides helping you warm up beforehand, stretches will also help you cool down after physical activity. Including post-activity stretching as a regular part of your program will help you recover faster, minimize muscle aches and keep you feeling relaxed longer.

Failure to stretch is not an option. One of the nicest things about stretching is that you don’t have to go to a park or gym to do it. But regardless of what exercises/ activities you plan to do, you need to understand that pre-activity stretching should not be seen as an option or done only when you have extra time. Stretching is a requirement, and you should be very careful to make sure to begin any activity with a few relaxing minutes of stretching.

Whether your workout means testing your physical limits in the gym or a brisk walk around the block, you want to get maximum benefits from your activities and still be able to bounce back quickly. That's why Mannatech has developed our dynamic Performance Nutrition products. While hundreds of products are advertised to enhance performance, the key word for Mannatech is always nutrition. Real nutrition puts Mannatech Performance Nutrition Products in a class by themselves.

Healthy Moves

While renowned, dedicated athletes carry the Team Mannatech message worldwide, their vision is focused not on building new sports champions, but rather on your health, even if the closest you’ve ever been to an Olympics or Super Bowl is your TV screen. Good health—WELLNESS—is as important and achievable for you as it is for any sports hall-of-famer.

In Healthy Moves (from , you’ll find a wide range of enjoyable, fact-filled articles with information and tips you may wish to explore. You’ll also see Team Mannatech members’ stories that present insights and inspiration you may not find anywhere else. If something you read in Healthy Moves motivates you to make even one healthy lifestyle change, our mission will have been achieved.

Be sure to visit our Web site at for more about Team Mannatech athletes, how to stay as healthy as possible and ideas that can enhance physical performance. Please contact us through the Web site if you have any comments or suggestions for future issues of Healthy Moves.

Butch Johnson, Coach


Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Unique Product

On August 16, 2005, Mannatech received a U.S. patent for the glyconutritional compound, Ambrotose® complex*, entitling Mannatech to prohibit other companies from manufacturing and distributing this breakthrough product.

I believe this patent will help Mannatech’s blend of naturally derived glyconutrients—sugars that support the immune system**—touch more lives than ever. Having the patent will also help protect consumers from imitationor “knockoff” products claiming to have the same proprietary formula as Ambrotose® complex.

But if you’re not a Mannatech Associate or shareholder, what is the importance of this patent to you? The granting of the patent allows Mannatech to protect its proprietary formula against infringement in the United States. You could join thousands of Mannatech Associates who are providing a growing number of wellness-conscious consumers with a patented product that supports cell-to-cell communication.** In addition, any existing or future products containing nutritionally effective amounts of Ambrotose® complex may be protected by this patent and patents pending.

Mannatech is committed to educating people about how glyconutrients can support health and making sure these products are always available, affordable and of the highest standards of safety and quality!

Butch Johnson, Coach


Only Water is Water

By Steve Nugent, NMD, PhD

Water is the true elixir of life on planet Earth. But it is far more popular for water sports than for its natural purpose—hydrating your body to maintain life. I have often heard complaints in response to my counseling to drink more water. The most common are “I don’t like the taste of water” and “I can’t drink that much water.” As much as I like to be gentle in my counseling, I have to emphasize that water is essential, not only to life but also to the success of any nutritional program. So…get over it!

The fact is only water is water. That’s been proven by peer-reviewed scientific studies.

Before we proceeding any further, let’s look at a few basic facts about this wonderful, wet substance:

- Muscle is 74.8% water (on average). That’s why muscle is approximately three times heavier per inch than fat.

- A person’s total body weight is typically about 59% water weight.

- On average, a person’s fat weight is approximately 21.2% water weight.

- Blood (which is mostly water) makes up about 8% of the average person’s body weight.

What we have learned

Imagine that a food-deprived, water-deprived rat comes upon a tube full of liquid. At first it does not know what is in the tube. How will it know how much to drink? Until it tastes the liquid, it will not know. If the liquid is plain water, the rat will drink a certain amount based on how long it has been deprived of water. If the liquid is sugar water, the rat’s intake depends on its need for food, not its need for water. If the liquid contains saccharin, again the rat’s intake depends on its need for food. The rat treats the solution as food, even though it is not. Taste tells the rat whether to use its thirst system or hunger system. If the rat were also salt-deficient, salty-tasting liquid could trigger yet another mechanism. The similarities between rats and other mammals (including people) concerning hydration and satiety (satisfaction) are very alike. The only difference is that we humans add our likes and dislikes in terms of taste, while most other animals are very happy drinking water. Your satiety receptors will tell you if it is water or liquid food. If the brain detects water, it uses the liquid for what water was intended for—hydration of cells and tissue. If it detects liquid food, you will only derive a partial hydration benefit because only the mechanisms for food digestion are set in motion. This means ice tea, soda pop, coffee, etc. register as liquid food by the brain—not as water.

“How much do I have to drink?”

How much water should you drink? That’s a big question since we are all genetically and biochemically unique. However, we do have some good general guidelines:

Twenty-four hours per day you lose water. You lose water with every breath you exhale because there is moisture in it. You lose water all day through the pores of your skin even when you don’t know you are perspiring, and even if you are absolutely still. Of course, you also lose water when you urinate, and even solid waste contains water. The point is you must have water not only to live, but, if you become dehydrated, to feel well again. Headaches, fatigue, weakness, etc. may result from inadequate hydration. If you do nothing strenuous, you need at least 48 ounces of water daily to stay hydrated. The more you push your system, the more water you need. Also, the more excess body fat you have, the more water you must drink since fat lowers your hydration efficiency. People trying to lose weight should avoid scales since water is heavy and clouds your measurement of true fat loss. If you want to lose weight, a general rule is to drink half your body weight in ounces. Example:200 lbs. require 100 ounces of water daily (for tough weight-loss cases, not minimum hydration).

Remember: Only water is water, and water is essential to your health and wellbeing.

The Physiology of Exercise

You should also be aware of a little more science about the biochemistry and physiology of exercise. The various biochemical events that take place during all phases of exercise (beginning, during and following a workout) alter the physiology in ways that the body’s primary consideration becomes supplying adequate amounts of the most available source of fuel. At the start of a workout, whether anaerobic or aerobic, the body’s initial response is to provide the working muscles with sufficient energy to meet the demands of the workload.

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the chemical substance within the body that supplies the energy that enables muscles to contract or relax. During muscular activity, ATP is converted to adenosine diphosphate, or ADP, while releasing direct energy for the muscle.

After the ATP and creatine phosphate anaerobic energy source is depleted, glucose is used by the body. After a few more seconds of exertion, stored muscle glycogen will be called upon to contribute energy by being broken down into glucose. So now all three systems are providing energy together. After the first 45-120 seconds of exertion, glycogen becomes the primary source of energy.

The first two minutes of activity should be primarily anaerobic, meaning the body does not use oxygen to metabolize stored glycogen. Usually any burst of activity that lasts less than a minute or two is considered predominantly anaerobic. One of the byproducts of anaerobic metabolism is lactic acid (lactate) that as it builds up, impairs performance and contributes to muscle soreness. Measuring lactic acid in the blood is one way of determining if anaerobic metabolism is being sed to provide energy. Between 120-140 seconds, glycogen becomes the primary source of energy, and the aerobic energy system starts kicking into action. After about four minutes, the energy supply is completely aerobic. using glycogen and fatty acids as energy. Aerobic means “with oxygen.” Oxygen is used to help metabolize (oxidize) stored fatty acids (triglycerides) to ATP through a complex process known as the Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle (Kreb’s Cycle or Citric Acid Cycle). The longer the duration of exertion, the higher the percentage of fats burned. With aerobic training, the body becomes more efficient at using fat as an energy source for strenuous work and recovery. Exercise enthusiasts call this “getting in shape.”

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mannatech MannaBar™ Nutrition Bars safe for children?
Yes, Mannatech MannaBar™ Nutrition Bars contain safe levels of natural ingredients and make a delicious and healthy snack.

Are Mannatech MannaBar™ Nutrition Bars a good food choice for athletes and those involved in physical activity and training?
Mannatech MannaBar™ Nutrition Bars provide quality nutrition with natural, unprocessed carbohydrates, quality protein and good fats for sustained energy and endurance. Mannatech MannaBars also provide 23 vitamins and minerals with DHA and EPA Omega-3 fatty acids, which benefit anyone involved in physical activity or recovering from physical activity.

Are Mannatech MannaBar™ Nutrition Bars a meal replacement bar?
Although Mannatech MannaBar™ Nutrition Bars are dense in nutrients, their caloric value and vitamin/mineral levels are generally lower than those of traditional meal replacements and therefore they shouldn’t be considered as such. However, the Mannatech MannaBar is a great between-meal snack alternative.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dioscorea?
Dioscorea is wild yam root that provides phytosterols. Phytosterols are plant sterols that can aid in the relief of muscular cramps and spasms.

Which of Mannatech's products have dioscorea?
Mannatech's Plus

What is Undaria?
Undaria pinnatifida is brown seaweed harvested from the clear waters near Tasmania.

What is Mannatech's Undaria good for?
Undaria is a rich source of fucoidans that contain large amounts of the carbohydrate fucose. Fucose is an essential carbohydrate that plays a key role in supporting your immune system and promoting effective cell-to-cell communication.

When do I take Mannatech's Undaria?
The recommended serving is one capsule twice daily.

Do I need to take Undaria with Mannatech's Ambrotose® Complex or Advanced Ambrotose™?
Undaria is a great addition to any of Mannatech's products including the Optimal Health products.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Frequently Asked Questions

I am on a blood thinner (for example, Coumadin/Warfarin, Plavix, etc.). Are there any Australian products I should not take?
People on anticoagulant therapy need to avoid vitamin K, which aids in blood clotting. It is assumed that there is some naturally occurring vitamin K in Mannatech Phyt•Aloe® capsules and Mannatech Manna•Bears™ supplements and it may be advisable to avoid these products. Mannnatech Ambrotose AO™ capsules also contain Phyt•Aloe® powder.

Mannatech GlycoLEAN® Catalyst Tablets contain ubidecarenone. Some literature refers to the possibility that ubidecarenone may diminish response to Warfarin (Coumadin), so the patient should be monitored appropriately.

Why are antioxidants important?
Antioxidant-rich nutrients help protect your cells against the harmful effects of toxins, environmental stress, poor diet and oxidative stress. Antioxidants also act as free radical scavengers.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

European patent for Mannatech glyconutrient blend

6/19/2002 - Mannatech, the US company which produces nutritional supplements, has received a European patent for it glyconutrient blend.

The patent covers 'Compositions of Plant Carbohydrates as Dietary Supplements' and is in the process of being validated in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Ireland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Mannatech also owns patents in South Africa, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.

Glyconutrients can help support the body's natural processes, Mannatech said, and they are the basis for all the nutritional supplements and topical products produced by the company.

"Our position as a leader in glyconutrition is strengthened each time a new patent is issued to us," claimed Robert M. Henry, Mannatech's CEO. "This patent carries significance since our United Kingdom operation is so new and beginning to build momentum."

"Having a European patent provides Mannatech with the exclusive right to certain compositions that other companies will not be able to use or make," said Dr Bill H. McAnalley, Mannatech's senior vice president and chief science officer. McAnalley was the lead inventor on the patent and also has 150 other patents attributed to him throughout the world.

Mannatech has filed US and foreign patent applications for glyconutritionals, the dietary supplement that provides necessary saccharides that are building blocks of glycoproteins. South Africa was the first country to issue a patent to Mannatech in 1998, followed by Singapore, New Zealand and Australia in 2001.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Justin Melvey

The Aussie soap star gets his kicks out of living dangerously, but for comfort he turns to chocolate and his ageing ugg boots.

LA-based TV heartthrob Justin Melvey, 37, thrives on acting and adrenalin. Known for his role on US daytime soap Days of Our Live, the former model and professional skier returned to Australia in 2004 to compete on the Seven Network’s Dancing with the Stars, and again last year on Celebrity Survivor. He loves hair-raising pastimes such as diving, bungee jumping and skydiving. “I’m a bit of an adrenalin junkie,” he laughs. “I love jumping out of plans and doing things at speed.” Living and working in America, Melvey misses the laid-back Aussie lifestyle. “When I come back to Australia I always go for a surf and catch up with my buddies,” he says, explaining that, if he’s not in the water, he’s on the slopes. “If I wasn’t acting, I’d be skiing,” he reveals. Next on Melvey’s agenda? He plans to eschew Sunset Boulevard and look for work at home. “I was born and bred in Sydney,” he says. “I want to bring my career back to Australia so I can be closer to my family.”

Justin's Choices:

Vitamins – “These are important for my overall health. I take them every morning – Mannatech is my brand of choice. They help my physical strength and keep my immune system strong.”

About Mannatech, Incorporated
Mannatech, based in Coppell, Texas, is a wellness solutions provider that sells its products through a global network-marketing system throughout the United States and the international markets of Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Taiwan and Denmark. For additional information about Mannatech, please visit its corporate Web site:

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Finding the right people

Mannatech started with an executive team Sam Caster hand-chose to help him build the business. But he has made some key changes in that team in the past two years and brought in more experienced people who can take Mannatech to the next level.

Five people in senior positions have been changed out in the last two years, and other positions have either been created or changed to reflect Mannatech's new size.

Making sure you always have the right people in place is a key to successful growth.

“Some of it is actually that we’ve crossed that threshold of being a small company, heading toward that half-billion to billion dollar threshold,” Sam Caster says. “In some cases, we needed people with a higher level of experience in the beginning. Part of that is that we honestly didn’t have the ability to hire that quality of individual, nor could we have attracted them because we didn’t have the track record to.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Leader of the Pack

Mannatech products are at the cutting edge of nutritional science. They are designed to offer unique capabilities based on proprietary technologies. The breakthrough innovation found in many Mannatech products is Ambrotose® complex, which is designed to provide the supplemental glyconutrients (the scientific word for “carbohydrates” or “Sugars” generally missing from our diet but necessary for optimal health in humans.*

To consumers, the basic building blocks of nutrients are well known: essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. What Mannatech has discovered is a brand new category of important nutrients: glyconutrients. Following our initial breakthrough discovery, Mannatech filed patents across the globe. Ambrotose® complex has now been issued patents in 29 countries, including the United States. Securing its position of leadership, Mannatech dedicates approximately 30 employees to its science department, and continues to develop new technologies, review research, and conduct studies.

Leader of the Pack

Mannatech products are at the cutting edge of nutritional science. They are designed to offer unique capabilities based on proprietary technologies. The breakthrough innovation found in many Mannatech products is Ambrotose® complex, which is designed to provide the supplemental glyconutrients (the scientific word for “carbohydrates” or “Sugars” generally missing from our diet but necessary for optimal health in humans.*

To consumers, the basic building blocks of nutrients are well known: essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. What Mannatech has discovered is a brand new category of important nutrients: glyconutrients. Following our initial breakthrough discovery, Mannatech filed patents across the globe. Ambrotose® complex has now been issued patents in 29 countries, including the United States. Securing its position of leadership, Mannatech dedicates approximately 30 employees to its science department, and continues to develop new technologies, review research, and conduct studies.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Unique education strategy

The company Mannatech has a unique strategy in place to get the word out about its products. It uses a network marketing structure based on a foundation of 350,000 associates, including doctors and other healthcare professionals, who act as educators on the benefits of the products, Sam Caster explained.

“What this group wants to see is, where’s the science?” he said. “Then our marketing group helps take the language of science and turns it into the language of consumer goods. There’s very little information out there about when works and why, and that’s where Mannatech steps to the plate.”

A primary objective for Mannatech, Caster said, is to help consumers educated themselves about wellness solutions in light of today’s growing healthcare concerns, such as the obesity epidemic and aging Baby Boomer population.

“At Mannatech our strategy takes a consumer that’s already interested and highly aware, and says, ‘If you’re going to make a decision, don’t you want to make an informed decision?”‘he said. “There is receptiveness to new ideas and new technologies, because I think people realize that whatever we know has not worked. There has to be something missing in the equation because we don’t have that quality of life we’re after.”