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Monday, May 21, 2007

From George

2007 is well underway… we are approaching the end of our first incentive qualifying period for the Global Incentive to China and we have seen great results! So many people have already qualified or are about to qualify for this trip of a lifetime and we can’t wait to see you there.

I would also like to congratulate Maureen Forrest on her amazing accomplishment of achieving Silver Presidential. Maureen’s journey is an incredibly inspiring one, and demonstrates the real opportunity that Mannatech offers. Mike Forrest, Maureen’s late husband left a legacy behind of which she has risen up to the challenge and continued to build the Mannatech business with enormous support from her close Mannatech Family. I wish Maureen all the best of luck for her future and encourage her to continue to draw on the strength of those closest to her to achieve great things.

2007 is all about the business building opportunity in Mannatech. Taking advantage of the here and now and utilizing Mannatech’s investment in road shows, product launches, aggressive PR campaigns and incentives to support you and your businesses move forward and become a huge success.

For the next few months we are encouraging you all to seize the moment. Over the past year we have set strong foundations for every serious business builder and we have optimistic views that everyone is capturing this momentum and committing themselves to their future goals and successes. It is the here-and-now that we all need to be taking an active part in because it is a combination of time and space that will never be repeated.

It is time to start living in the NOW – all of us are working hard towards a great future. So let’s make it happen together!

Best wishes

George Howden

Managing Director, Mannatech, Australia and New Zealand

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