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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

European patent for Mannatech glyconutrient blend

6/19/2002 - Mannatech, the US company which produces nutritional supplements, has received a European patent for it glyconutrient blend.

The patent covers 'Compositions of Plant Carbohydrates as Dietary Supplements' and is in the process of being validated in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Ireland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Mannatech also owns patents in South Africa, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.

Glyconutrients can help support the body's natural processes, Mannatech said, and they are the basis for all the nutritional supplements and topical products produced by the company.

"Our position as a leader in glyconutrition is strengthened each time a new patent is issued to us," claimed Robert M. Henry, Mannatech's CEO. "This patent carries significance since our United Kingdom operation is so new and beginning to build momentum."

"Having a European patent provides Mannatech with the exclusive right to certain compositions that other companies will not be able to use or make," said Dr Bill H. McAnalley, Mannatech's senior vice president and chief science officer. McAnalley was the lead inventor on the patent and also has 150 other patents attributed to him throughout the world.

Mannatech has filed US and foreign patent applications for glyconutritionals, the dietary supplement that provides necessary saccharides that are building blocks of glycoproteins. South Africa was the first country to issue a patent to Mannatech in 1998, followed by Singapore, New Zealand and Australia in 2001.

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