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Monday, May 21, 2007

From Sam

It was great to see so many new faces from Australia and New Zealand at MannaFest. Congratulations to all of you who earned that privilege. I'm sure you know why we put so much emphasis on these types of events. There is no better way for your new Associates to grasp the significance of the total Mannatech experience than attending a major event. By the way, each of you can encourage your group to begin making plans to attend this year's Australasian Convention in Sydney. The theme of the convention is, "Seize the Moment", which is so appropriate for where Mannatech sits today.

In the last couple of years we have solidified our core optimal health technologies and are working diligently to distinguish their superiority in the market while securing new technologies in the growing field of wellness. The latest example of one of these new technologies is the global roll out of our proprietary Optimal Skin Care System. The unique "Tensa" (meaning heavenly in Japanese) water provides the basis for a preservative-free, super hydrating skin care system that, once again, totally distinguishes Mannatech in the massive market.

Let me close with a special congratulations for Maureen Forrest for achieving Silver Presidential. Maureen has taken up the challenge to continue the building of her Mannatech business and her organisation has rallied behind her. Thanks Maureen for making the decision to continue impacting the lives of so many others.

God bless,

Sam Caster
Chairman and CEO Mannatech, Inc. USA

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