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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Finding the right people

Mannatech started with an executive team Sam Caster hand-chose to help him build the business. But he has made some key changes in that team in the past two years and brought in more experienced people who can take Mannatech to the next level.

Five people in senior positions have been changed out in the last two years, and other positions have either been created or changed to reflect Mannatech's new size.

Making sure you always have the right people in place is a key to successful growth.

“Some of it is actually that we’ve crossed that threshold of being a small company, heading toward that half-billion to billion dollar threshold,” Sam Caster says. “In some cases, we needed people with a higher level of experience in the beginning. Part of that is that we honestly didn’t have the ability to hire that quality of individual, nor could we have attracted them because we didn’t have the track record to.

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