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Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Unique Product

On August 16, 2005, Mannatech received a U.S. patent for the glyconutritional compound, Ambrotose® complex*, entitling Mannatech to prohibit other companies from manufacturing and distributing this breakthrough product.

I believe this patent will help Mannatech’s blend of naturally derived glyconutrients—sugars that support the immune system**—touch more lives than ever. Having the patent will also help protect consumers from imitationor “knockoff” products claiming to have the same proprietary formula as Ambrotose® complex.

But if you’re not a Mannatech Associate or shareholder, what is the importance of this patent to you? The granting of the patent allows Mannatech to protect its proprietary formula against infringement in the United States. You could join thousands of Mannatech Associates who are providing a growing number of wellness-conscious consumers with a patented product that supports cell-to-cell communication.** In addition, any existing or future products containing nutritionally effective amounts of Ambrotose® complex may be protected by this patent and patents pending.

Mannatech is committed to educating people about how glyconutrients can support health and making sure these products are always available, affordable and of the highest standards of safety and quality!

Butch Johnson, Coach


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