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Monday, June 18, 2007

Answers – Where to Find Them

Mannatech has been in the news recently. Some of the coverage has been biased and greatly misrepresentative of Mannatech, its science and its products. Mannatech has provided “Answers – Where to Find Them” to provide fast links to documents that might help dispel the innuendo and answer the allegations. This document will be updated as new information and documents become available, so check back often.

Sam Caster’s response to Associates regarding the Wall Street Journal article can be found here. This response includes many links that will take the reader to the document or article that is mentioned. The response provides in-depth answers to some of the most common claims made by critics. (Associate Community Web site / “In the News” / Headline – “Mannatech responds to the Wall Street Journal”)

• Sam’s full interview with ABC News has been posted on After logging on to YouTube, type in “Mannatech” in the search field. The ABC interview has been divided into four clips. Mannatech has also posted “The State of the Science,” a video narrated by the company’s Chief Science Officer Robert Sinnott. Dr. Sinnott explains that GI tract bacteria can break down the complex carbohydrates in Ambrotose, a finding that thwarts the hypothesis that the body cannot utilize the carbohydrates.

Mannatech has posted the brochure, “Neutralizing Negativity on the Internet,’ here (Associate Community Web site / “In the News” / Headline – “Neutralizing Negativity on the Internet.”)

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