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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Consumers believe one thing, but eat another, says report

4/12/2007 - Most Americans are trying - but failing - to achieve a more healthful and balanced diet, according to a new Mintel report, which suggests a discrepancy between what people believe and what they actually eat.

"A desire to eat a healthy diet may exist, but it does not translate fully to behavior modification," writes the report Attitudes to Food: Weight and Diet.

"Significant media attention and public interest in reducing the amount of trans fat in foods, selling healthy food to children in schools, and purchasing organic food, drive attitudes toward food, yet Americans are still eating an unbalanced, calorie-dense diet."

The report, which was published last month, identifies five major factors that are shaping the nation's attitude towards food: an increase in calorie consumption (almost 27 percent since 1970, mostly from added fats and sugars); an aging population (which has specific dietary requirements and taste preferences); the role of families (parents have greater interest in convenient food products and healthy foods); the increased prevalence of disease (leading to altered dietary requirements); and weight control concerns (sparking interest in low-calorie foods and 'low-in' products).

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