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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Compliance-related information

If you want to find out which products would be of greatest benefit to someone with a particular health condition or disease, remember, Mannatech products are nutritional supplements designed to help promote good health by providing the supplemental nutrients your body may need. For example, several of Mannatech’s products are designed to support and help strengthen your immune system. Mannatech’s products, however, should not be represented as a treatment for any health condition or disease. If you experience health issues or have health questions, consult you physician.

In Marketing Mannatech products you cannot use the patents that have been issued. Patent applications are drafted to give a wide scope of protection because products are often still being researched at the time of patent filing. As a result, patent documents may contain claims that cannot by legally made when promoting the sale of a product.

When making legal claims about Mannatech products, there are company-approved claims and facts about each of Mannatech’s products that are fully compliant as well as highly compelling. A good place to start is by reading the product container’s label. At the corporate website click on ‘Products’ then ‘FAQs’, which addresses both Mannatech products in general and some specific products. You may also review individual product information sheets in the ‘Products’ section of the site. Up-to-date brochures and MODs (materials-on-demand) with claims and other approved information are also available for virtually every Mannatech product.

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