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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Can Glycomics Change the World?

Glycomics Highlighted in MIT Publication

The prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) describes the burgeoning science of glycomics research on sugars and their impact on human health as “one of the ten technologies that will change the world.”

While mainstream scientists have recognised and are investigating the potential of synthetic glyco-drugs, their efforts may require years to produce results. But the increased interest in the role of sugars in human health can expand the market for glyconutritional supplements today!

In the February 2003 edition of Technology Review, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology profiled the science of glycomics as a new technology that “…could have an impact on health problems ranging from rheumatoid arthritis to the spread of cancer cells.” Glycomics is the study of sugars and includes glycobiology—the study of the effects of sugars on living organisms.

The article detailed at least six scientific experts who are hard at work, trying to synthesize the thousands of sugars made by the human body. These researchers are funded mostly by pharmaceutical companies that hope to turn these sugars into drugs that will boost the immune system and heal disease.

“The reason for the excitement around glycomics is that sugars have a vital function in the body,” the article explained. “By manipulating…sugars themselves, researchers hope to shut down disease processes, create new drugs and improve existing ones.”

Medical research acknowledges that eight glyconutrient sugars are needed at the cellular level for optimum immune system function. Considering that six of these glyconutrients are often lacking in modern diets, Mannatech sought new and better sources of the nutrients. The effort culminated in the Ambrotose complex. Twenty patents – including one from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office – have been issued to Mannatech for technology related to the Ambrotose complex.

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