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Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Illusion of Health… “I feel fine”

Being symptom free is no the same as being healthy!!! The words “I feel fine” may be some of the most dangerous when it comes to health care.

When a virus, a parasite or bacteria enters your body you feel fine. When a cancer is growing in your body, you feel fine.

It is well known that 1 out of every two Americans will get heart disease. About half of those have no warning or symptoms. They “feel fine’ before they drop dead. Heart disease isn’t just about diet or lack of exercise. It is a free radical oxidative stress disease.

You must understand this point: we are not receiving enough nutrition from our food in any category, but particularly in antioxidants.

More than 75,000 synthetic chemical have been introduced into our environment since 1930. There are probably far more chemical compounds than that, because when two synthetic compounds meet in water and sunlight, they often create a new and totally unexpected compound. There is no way of knowing with certainly how many synthetic compounds exist on the plant today.

It’s shocking to know that only about 7% of the 75,000 have been tested for safety in adults, and only about 3% have been tested for safety in our children. Understand that the environment today is completely different than the environment our bodies were designed to exist in. No one can avoid exposure to synthetic chemicals and toxins, regardless of where you are in the world.

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has tested people around the world, chosen at random, to see if any of them actually had toxins in their blood. This test for only 27 toxins out of a potential 75,000+, was conducted for the first time in the year 2000. The study, published in 2001, found that 100% of the people tested had 100% of the toxins being checked. There were measurable, and sometimes significant, amounts of all 27 toxins evaluated, including mercury, heavy metals and the breakdown products of pesticides and plastics. Plastics when heated produce dangerous chemicals.

All human beings are genetically and chemically unique. An amount that has little effect on one person may have a profound effect on another. Humans were designed to live on a pristine pollution free plant. Therefore, no amount of toxin is really acceptable.

The reality is we are all carrying toxins and they will have varying effects on each of us. Also two very important points. First, we have too little data on the effects of toxins as they relate to the onset of disease to say it’s not a problem. Second, being symptom free is no longer accurate gauge of your health.

Scientists have gone to the North Pole and found pesticides and industrial chemicals. There are no farms, no villages, no industry, and no people at the North Pole. Yet toxins created in populated areas are found in one of the most desolate places on Earth. Other scientists went to the South Pole and found farm pesticides and industrial chemicals in the fatty tissues of penguins. Why fatty tissues? Most toxins are fat-soluble. The more fat you have, the more toxin you can store. That alone is a reason to lose body fat. Fish in all waterways tested so far have been found to have pesticides and industrial toxins in them as well. This includes fresh water and salt water, warm water and cold water, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, rivers, and lakes. There are no exceptions. No matter where you are on this plant, you cannot escape these toxins.

It is important to keep you immune system at peak function at all times. You cannot do that through diet alone. You cannot wait until you are diagnosed. You must be proactive about your body, about your health. You must always think as though you are under attack, because in fact you are. Think defensively. Eat defensively. Take care of yourself properly and you will maximize your potential for a long and healthy life.

Pollutants, questionable farming practices, stress – these factors increasingly contribute to a growing healthcare crisis. Around the world people from different cultures, backgrounds and walks of life face a single threat – a decreasing quality of life and wellness. But there still is time to guard yourself against these dangers. Mannatech has championed revolutionary discoveries designed to help boost your body’s ability to stay healthy.

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