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Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Samuel L. Caster has been Mannatech Inc.'s chief executive officer since Apr. 15, 2003 and has been its chairman of the board since Mar. 5, 2002 and serves as member of corporate governance, executive, and nominating committee. Caster co-founded Mannatech and directly owns 20.2% of Mannatech's common shares. Caster served as Mannatech's president and as a director on the board from November, 1993, until his resignation on Mar. 31, 2000. From June 1, 2000, through Mar. 4, 2002, Caster provided Mannatech with various consulting services related to Mannatech's associates' needs and helped to develop Mannatech's new global associate career and compensation plan.

Caster has over 22 years experience with various sales and direct-selling companies. He also co-founded MannaRelief, a nonprofit international ministry formed to help supply food supplements to at-risk children by working with other ministries, nonprofit organizations, and missionaries throughout the world.

Over the course of 2003 Mannatech's number of associates and members increased by 37.5 per cent to 264,000. The activities of the company's associates brought 134,000 new people to Mannatech in 2003.

"Our current achievements are testaments to the renewed passion of our associates and the dedication of our employees. We believe we have only begun to realize the great potential of our products. We look forward to growth in the future as we continue with our planned launch into South Korea in the second half of 2004 and into Taiwan in the first quarter of 2005" said Caster.

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