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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

From the Company:

From Sam Caster:

Dear Associates

Mannatech is quickly evolving into one of the most dominating forces in the newly emerging
industry called Wellness. Our discovery, patent, and distribution of glyconutrients have truly
been an amazing pioneering effort. Business Week recently ranked Mannatech as the number
six best small publicly traded company in America in their list of the top 100. But along
with growing recognition comes a growing scrutiny of our technology. Even though MIT’s
Technology Review declared the science of glycomics (sugars) as one of the technologies
that would change the world, it often takes decades for a new discovery to reach acceptance.
Mannatech will continue to be challenged on the science of sugars by those who are less
informed and those who can’t understand or believe that something of this significance is
just now being discovered. But rest assured, that atmosphere is changing.

A recent press release from Mannatech announced the findings of a dose-response study on the ability of AO® to enhance the antioxidant capacity in human blood. This independent research was conducted by the Australian Centre for Complementary Medicine, Education and Research, and provided the type of research on glyconutrient-based products that will ultimately overcome ignorance and skepticism. Pioneering a new technology is never easy, but its rewards are the greatest. One day in the future, when the science of glyconutrients has made its mark in the world, we will all look back on these days and proclaim it was worth every ounce of effort. I believe Mannatech is in fact a Company of Destiny, and for that reason we must endure the journey.

God bless,
Sam Caster,
Chairman & CEO
Mannatech Inc USA

From George Howden:

Dear Associates

Here we are, more than half way through another year and the business continues to grow from strength to strength as more and more people are educated to the benefits of adding glyconutritionals to their daily diet. With all the success Mannatech has enjoyed, we have just scratched the surface of our potential customer base. In Australia and New Zealand, over 30,000 people use our products on a daily basis so we still have 24 million plus with whom to share our good news about improved wellness through improved nutrition. Dr Nugent’s tour, the growing acceptance of the need for supplementation, the improved affordability of Advanced Ambrotose™, the new incentives, the new literature and sales materials and the growing field support from the Associate leaders will assure this continued growth. Make the decision today to join the thousands of others who have gained from the wealth benefits of the
compensation plan and the wellness benefits of the product.

Get active and enjoy the benefits!

All the best,
George Howden,
General Manager
Mannatech, Australia and New Zealand

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