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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Government to launch National Complementary Medicine Institute

June 26, 2007

Blackmores welcomes the Commonwealth government’s commitment to establish a National Institute for Complementary Medicine (NICM) in recognition of the growing use of complementary medicine in Australia.

The institute will help investigate the important role of these products and therapies in the national healthcare system. It will build on the quality, relevance and extent of local research in order to improve consumer choice, access and understanding of complementary medicine.

This is a national institute that will be seeded and housed at the University of Western Sydney but will draw together leading researchers in this field in Australia, as well as help establish national research priorities and consolidate key research initiatives and outcomes.

The government has committed $4million over two years to establish the Institute. In combination with the $5million NHMRC Special Initiative Research Grants for complementary medicine that were announced last November, this represents a strong and positive government response to the public demand for complementary medicine.

Two in every three Australians use complementary medicine, there are in excess of 15 million consultations with an alternative health practitioner each year, and Australians spend considerably more of their own money on complementary medicines than on pharmaceutical drugs.

Complementary medicine plays an important role in disease prevention and may reduce the cost of public healthcare, and while the Australian regulatory system maintains high standards for products, research capabilities within Australia have been fragmented and this initiative will result in greater collaboration.

One leading economist has predicted that the wellness industry will become the next trillion-dollar industry due to an enormous shift taking place in the healthcare industry. Mannatech has positioned itself through its nutritional discoveries and patents to play a significant role. Mannatech's record growth is a testimony to the efforts of those who have chosen to share this amazing story of hope with those so desperately looking for answers.

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