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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Health & wellness now influencing consumer choices: India

Our perception of health is changing dramatically. While in the past, health was a state of ‘no-illness’, today it is defined holistically and is a function of lifestyle, diet and fitness, physical, emotional and even spiritual well-being. The consumer is looking for the health and wellness quotient in every aspect of his/her life and it is a deciding factor influencing many consumer choices: from the food they eat, where they live to the products they use.

This preoccupation with wellness is especially witnessed within the personal care space, where health and beauty are now coming together. People are no longer satisfied with products that just make them look good or feel good, but also want them to ‘do-good’. Moreover, the do-good aspect is understood in terms of a health rather than a cosmetic benefit.

Earlier, a sunscreen was positioned as a product that prevented skin darkening, where the focus was on a cosmetic benefit. However, today sunscreens are positioned as products that protect skin from harmful UV rays, which are cancer causing. Similarly lipsticks are now packed with dual benefits- from giving you lovely looking lips to protection from UV rays!

Another trend signaling the merging of health and beauty is the emergence of herbal, natural and organic products within personal care, which are considered safe, sensitive to the skin and free of side effects by consumers.

In fact herbal supplements that treat several skin and hair problems are also becoming increasingly popular. Not so long ago, our use of supplements was limited to taking vitamins and calcium, mainly to fortify the body from within. Today, the health benefit of supplements is sought within beauty products. Consumers, at a very young age, are choosing beauty regimens that work externally and internally.

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