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Thursday, July 19, 2007



Globally Recognised Speaker and Educator Brought Directly to YOU!

Mannatech’s own celebrity doctor, Dr Steve Nugent is coming to Australia and New Zealand this August. His popularity among Mannatechers speaks for itself; his symposium’s are considered invaluable to those who attend for the simplicity in which he presents. The magnitude of the results of his presentations have long been unequalled and has been long awaited.

Dr Nugent’s career spans 30 years’ in complementary health care as a nutrition consultant and educator. He has since earned six degrees, graduating with honours at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

He is globally recognised among consumers and health professionals from broadcast radio, publicly sold tape and CD recordings, publications and the lecture circuit.

You are invited to see Dr Nugent in the flesh. One of the most charismatic speakers and educators you will ever have the chance to meet.

He offers true wisdom and knowledge about overall nutrition, the benefits of Mannatech products and how to leverage this knowledge in the market to support future business growth and sustainability.

During his time with Mannatech he has had a hand in the creation of some of Mannatech's leading products, including Manna C and the GlycoLean range. He is a true believer in Mannatech and is confident with their positioning compared to other dietary supplement companies around the world; “New technology is keeping Mannatech two steps ahead of other wellness companies… our technology has always moved quickly, but now it is taking great leaps forward.”

You MUST come and see this GREAT man in action. He will leave you feeling empowered and confident and to move into a future of better health and nutrition.

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