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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Food trial is a huge success at school

Students at Nana Glen Primary are calmer, more focused and a lot happier – thanks to two weeks of an additive-free diet.
The food trial that began two weeks ago, as reported in The Advocate on September 8, saw colours, preservatives and flavor enhancers removed from the children’s diets.
The trial was the third for food intolerance expert Sue Dengate, who was pleased about the results. Principal Lawrie Renshall said that the trial “was a phenomenal success.”
Mr Renshall said that parents and teachers alike have been amazed at how cutting out additives, colors and preservatives from the children’s diet has influenced their behavior.
“The children are more settled, more focused and a lot happier in the playground. We’ve also had a great response from parents, and we’re really encouraging the continuation of the program,” Mr Renshall said.

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