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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Nutrition with School Lunches

A diet filled with the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals can help your child have the energy, concentration and stamina needed for a successful school year.

Start the day off right!
Statistics show that as many as 48% of girls and 32% of boys do not eat breakfast every day. It is important to eat breakfast, as it helps fuel the brain and muscles after a nightlong fast. If your kids don’t eat when they wake up, their body lacks the energy it needs to perform all of its daily functions. Eating breakfast can also improve your child’s total daily nutrient intake as well as allow them to think faster and clearer and concentrate better in school. Studies show eating breakfast also helps kids manage their weight as skipping breakfast sets your child up for extreme hunger later in the day, leading to poor food choices and excess caloric intake.

Breakfast should provide one-quarter to one-third of your child’s energy and nutrient needs for the day. Easy breakfast ideas include:
· Protein Fruit Smoothie: Blend fruit, protein powder, milk or yogurt and flaxseed or nuts in a blender until smooth.
· Cheesy Pita Melt
· Cottage cheese and fruit medley: Mix cottage cheese with fruit and chopped nuts.

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