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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Middle Age Spread Uncovered

According to a Scottish study, the dreaded middle-age spread increases your waistline but isn’t likely to alter the number on the scales. As you age, your body changes shape – you start to lose muscle and get fatter. As muscle weighs more than fat, this may explain why there’s no change on the bathroom scales.
These findings challenge the traditional method used to measure body fat, the body mass index (BMI), and suggest waist circumference may be a better measure for determining how much fat a person has gained. It makes it easy for you to work it out too – do your pants still fit?

“The world as a whole is becoming much more aware of the need for wellness, rather than just the need to manage illness,” says Mannatech’s vice president of international finance. “And with science increasingly validating the essential role of the glyconutrients in our patented and patent-pending products, Mannatech is uniquely positioned to provide the missing ingredient in the wellness puzzle.”

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